Waste Water Treatment Plants

In waste water treatment field we realize planning, professional advice in tendering procedure, work supervision and possible management and supervision of sewage treatment or liquid waste from production activities. Up to now we have realized biological treatment plants (sewage treatment of sewage septic tanks, treatment of waste water from storm drain, sanding, micro screening and grid separation), with a sludge treatment equipped with: anaerobic digestion, biogas recovery or aerobic stabilization system.

We offer special care in tertiary treatment, suspended solids reduction (filtration system) nitrogen or phosphorus reduction, with biological or physical-chemical methods.

Plant-based sewage-treatment plants are designed for small communities or finishing processes, in order to get a low natural impact.

Physical-chemical plants are designed for the industry and specific waste water treatments. They are fitted with separate stockpiles, reagent tank and process of dosage and mixing, thought for discharge still to be treated. Through a careful economic consideration we are able to choose the best kind of plant depending on the request and to increase the value of money.

Every plant is equipped with management control system and minimization on environmental impact and public health.