Renewable Energy Production

The office deals with planning, obtaining authorizations, professional advice in calls for tender and work supervision to produce electricity through biogas, produced from the anaerobic digestion of agricultural biomasses. Biomasses are introduced into the biodigester. The anaerobic process creates a 50% methane biogas. The impurity-free biogas forms fuel for endothermic motors which produce heat-electricity.

The producing cycle consists of 5 steps:

–                   Biomasses Production and Storage

–                   Anaerobic digestion and Storage

–                   Biogas Treatment

–                   Electricity Production

–                   Digested Biomass use

Other energy sources are those coming from anaerobic digestion of sewage plants.

We realize cogeneration systems serving landfills equipped with biogas collection system.

Solar District Heating by parabolic trough is a sector developing.

The office provides assistance in photovoltaic fields realization.